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Welcome To the Idaho Sci-Fi Club Page

contact Ron for more info on Idaho Sci-Fi club.

This will be a Club where members can meet once a month to Just discuss Sci-Fi news and gossip.
After each meeting will watch a Sci-Fi movie picked by a member.

Order of picking will be order of Join Date.

All movies must be Sci-Fi.

So if your love is for Star Wars / Star Trek / Star Gate / Aliens / Termenator / Battle Star, What ever we want you to be apart of this club.
I will make a page dedicated to the Members to introduce each member this page is linked off the New Boise Orders server and if shows promise will make its own site.

If you need to post some info or have need to contact Ron Please Just go to the Message Forum and click on Psxjedi76 and private message.
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